Total Wellbeing Consultation

Nina helps her clients with wide range of illnesses and conditions. Her holistic approach allows her to create a bespoke programme to help, heal and support.

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Food Allergy Testing

Could your hidden allergies be making you tired, bloated or ill? Find out which foods you are sensitive to, and how to prevent negative effects.

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Speaking Engagements

Nina is an experienced speaker, and can deliver talks or conduct workshops on a range of health related topics, from general nutrition to specific illnesses.

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Who is Nina Thakrar?

Acknowledged as one of the leading experts in the health industry, Nina Thakrar (MRPharmS, Dip Hom, Dip ION) is now based in private practice in West London and was previously at London’s internationally renowned Hale Clinic in 2007-2010.

Nina opened her first London pharmacy in 1992 but quickly realised that her knowledge of conventional medicine as a pharmacist wasn't enough to advise her patients, which led her to study complementary medicine.

Nina is able to balance conventional and complementary medicine to take a holistic approach to health. Her considerable experience in modern pharmacy, homeopathy and nutrition today makes her a sought after wellness counsellor.

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Nina Thakrar

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Please provide as much information as possible with the initial query form and I will get back to you within 48 hours with either: follow-up questions for specific condition or illness, suggestions to support further and or to book a consultation.