Nina Thakrar

“I was born in Jinja, a small town in tropical East Africa. Life was peaceful and happy for my family and me, but if we needed to see a doctor we faced a journey of more than 50 miles to the nearest surgery, and once we arrived the treatment was not cheap. My mother was a resourceful woman though, and to save us travelling all that way, she would use natural remedies grown from our back garden for any minor ailments we had, this is where my passion and love for healing began”.


Acknowledged as one of the leading experts in the health industry, Nina Thakrar (MRPharmS, Dip Hom, Dip ION) is now based in private practice in West London and was previously at London’s internationally renowned Hale Clinic in 2007-2010.

Nina opened her first London pharmacy in 1992 but quickly realised that her knowledge of conventional medicine as a pharmacist wasn't enough to advise her patients, which led her to study complementary medicine.

Nina is able to balance conventional and complementary medicine to take a holistic approach to health. Her considerable experience in modern pharmacy, homeopathy and nutrition today makes her a sought after wellness counsellor.

Start healthy, stay healthy

Although her clinical work covers the whole family, Nina has a particular interest in children's health. Those who start life healthy have a better chance of staying healthy throughout a long life, and nutrition plays a vital role in this.

This is reflected in her development of the following websites and her personal blog:


Nina at present consults from Ealing and online via video or phone.

Some common problems Nina encounters and successfully treats include low energy, stress, hair loss, skin problems, women’s problems, behavioural and learning difficulties in addition to others.


Here are some of the people I've helped over the years, and why they would recommend my services.

"Nina is truly an amazing person both inside out. I am lucky enough to have been recommended to her by a friend of mine. Nina is extremely knowledgeable and her advice is worth her weight in gold.

The advice, techniques and help she has given me has changed many things for me including my eating habits, energy levels and sleep habits. All these combined together has made me an overall fitter, more energetic, happier person.

Having someone like Nina in my life is a blessing as I know I can talk to her about anything, she always makes me feel very comfortable and will help me to resolve any concerns or issues.

The saying "knowledge is power" is certainly true and you will definitely learn a lot from this intelligent, experienced lady.
I would highly recommend Nina to everyone as she will change your lifestyle... the only question you will ask yourself after is why didn't I do this sooner."

- Mandy K

"If I hadn't met Nina, GPs would still be struggling to diagnose my condition and repeatedly telling me Candida does not exist. Since I came to her and started the diet and supplements, all my symptoms gradually disappeared - something I never thought would happen.

It was a difficult experience and without Nina's help and guidance I definitely wouldn't have had the strength to continue on, so a thousand thank yous for helping me gain control of my life again and understanding that my condition was real, when no one else believed me."

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