Why book a food allergy test?

A food allergy test will help you to identify your food sensitivities and you will receive a diet plan and expert advice to help you feel as healthy as possible. Previous clients have described a boost in energy levels, better fitness and feeling sick less often.

The entire process is only £50 – a small price to pay for transforming your health. Fill out the short form below to get started, or scroll down for more information.


What is a food allergy?

We will be talking about both ‘food allergies’ and ‘food intolerance’, so it’s important for you to know the difference.

Allergic reactions to food usually happen within a few minutes of eating the food, although it could take a few hours. The body mistakenly creates an antibody to ‘fight off’ a specific food when it is eaten (or in contact with the skin).

Food allergies only affect around 1-2% of the population, and is very easily diagnosed, however, food intolerance affects almost half of the population, and is sometimes never detected. Some people suffer from unpleasant symptoms after eating foods even when the body is not producing antibodies (not having an allergic reaction) – this is known as food intolerance.

Food intolerance can happen for a variety of reasons, and the onset of symptoms is usually slower, and can happen many hours after eating the food. Intolerance to several foods or an entire food group is not uncommon, making it incredibly difficult to determine which foods you are intolerant of. With food allergy, even a small amount is enough to trigger a response, making it very easy to identify. On the other hand, with food intolerance, sometimes it takes a large amount of the food to have noticeable symptoms.

What are the symptoms?

Food intolerance can trigger a huge range of symptoms, and as some are not associated with food intolerance, we can overlook them. These include:

fatigue, joint pains, dark circles under the eyes, night sweats, diarrhoea, vomiting, bloating, irritable bowel, rashes, eczema and other chronic conditions.

The symptoms may last for several hours, into the next day and sometimes even longer. Some people may put up with these symptoms for years, without realizing they could be relieved if certain foods were cut out of their diet.

Types of one to one consultation:

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